Terminal Velocity: Work Faster in Your Shell

At All Things Open 2019, I gave a talk entitled "Terminal Velocity: Work Faster in Your Shell." It was all about new tools for terminal productivity, with lots of live demos. It wasn't recorded by the conference organizers, but I was able to combine a screen capture with a recording to the audio to produce… Continue reading Terminal Velocity: Work Faster in Your Shell

Working with Kakoune [Part 1]

Some friends recently requested an analogue of this excellent introduction to Vim techniques for the kakoune editor. This is my attempt to demonstrate the fundamental operations that allow you to be productive in kakoune. I'll be following roughly the same outline as that Vim blog post, since I think the progression flows well and it… Continue reading Working with Kakoune [Part 1]

Connecting a Sony PS3 Controller to Ubuntu Linux

A dandelion puff

I've been emulating older games on my desktop for a while now, and I like to use a PS3 controller for games that expect the player to have a controller. I feel that I should share the procedure that I use to connect the controller via bluetooth, as I discovered the trick mostly by serendipity.… Continue reading Connecting a Sony PS3 Controller to Ubuntu Linux

Kinesis Freestyle 2 and Linux, Part 4: Automation

Cherry Blossoms, Osaka, Japan

After a few more months of contemplation and some helpful suggestions from Ed Nisley (you can check out his blog here), I have discovered a viable way to automate running the userspace driver for my keyboard when it is plugged in. I've already had to tangle with udev once during this project, so it came… Continue reading Kinesis Freestyle 2 and Linux, Part 4: Automation