Connecting a Sony PS3 Controller to Ubuntu Linux

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I've been emulating older games on my desktop for a while now, and I like to use a PS3 controller for games that expect the player to have a controller. I feel that I should share the procedure that I use to connect the controller via bluetooth, as I discovered the trick mostly by serendipity.… Continue reading Connecting a Sony PS3 Controller to Ubuntu Linux

System76 Galago Pro Graphics Performance with Pop!_OS

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I love my System76 Galago Pro. I've had it since last summer, and it has been a great portable workstation. I must admit, however, that it isn't perfect. The whole time that I've been using this laptop, it's fan has been hyperactive. It would spin up for seemingly any reason, and the machine would heat… Continue reading System76 Galago Pro Graphics Performance with Pop!_OS

Pop!_OS Multi-DPI Support

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The Problem I use a System76 Galago Pro as my laptop. I love it. Their hardware and software play together extremely well, a refreshing change from some of my prior Linux driver experience. I used to use a 2012 MacBook Pro Retina running Arch Linux, and the System76 machine is much nicer (from a driver… Continue reading Pop!_OS Multi-DPI Support

Installing Android Studio on Pop!_OS (Or Ubuntu)

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Android Studio provides easy downloads for Linux users, but installing that way loses the benefit of being managed by your package manager. I always try to find .deb or PPA methods of installing software (On Debian-derived distros) so that I can manage all of my basic software with one tool. I've found that manually installing… Continue reading Installing Android Studio on Pop!_OS (Or Ubuntu)